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Health Information for Employers

Healthier employees are typically happier, more productive employees. Providing opportunities for your employees to improve their health can benefit everyone. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama offers resources to help employers develop a wellness culture in the workplace.

  • For Your Health Communications
    For Your Health educational materials help your employees make educated health, wellness and safety decisions. This information is available for print, or you can order materials through Forms and Materials.
  • WalkingWorkssm Program
    WalkingWorks encourages individuals to get the health benefits of exercise by incorporating walking into their daily lives. Blue Cross provides employers with electronic copies of the materials that help implement this program. Please watch our Walking Works 2016 presentation to learn more.
  • Walking Works Tool Kit
    The WalkingWorks Tool Kit may be used as part of your workplace wellness program to help your employees increase their physical activity. The kit includes a DVD, posters, handouts, walking log, and program and incentive ideas.
  • Plan Your National Walk@Lunch DayŽ Event!
    Celebrate National Walk@Lunch Day by planning a walking event at your workplace. Walking is one of the simplest, safest and most effective forms of exercise, but it can be hard for employees to find time in their busy schedules to participate in physical activity. That's why the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans are sponsoring the annual National Walk@Lunch Day - to encourage busy people like you and your employees to take a walk during your lunch break. To help you plan your own event at your workplace go to
  • Wellness Monthly Planner
    The Wellness Monthly Planner is a valuable resource that helps you easily plan a wellness program at your workplace. It includes a list of suggested monthly topics and communication materials you can order that support each topic.
  • myBlueWellness Tool Kit
    The myBlueWellness website is a valuable health information resource. Encouraging your employees to take advantage of this site at and complete the health assessment, HealthQuotienttm, is a critical step to engaging them in a wellness lifestyle.
  • Preventative Screenings Tool Kit
    The Preventive Screenings Tool Kit is a program guide to help you educate employees about the importance of preventive screenings for adults.
  • Stress Management Tool Kit
    The Stress Management Tool Kit includes one DVD containing two separate topics. The first targets how stress affects the body and how to recognize potential stressors. The second provides techniques for coping with stress.
  • Baby Yourself Maternity Management Tool Kit
    The Baby Yourself Tool Kit is a program guide to help you educate your employees about the Baby Yourself program and the importance of a healthy pregnancy - from the start.
  • Nutrition Tool Kit
    The Nutrition Tool Kit can help you provide a well-rounded nutrition program at your workplace. The kit includes a DVD containing three topics: Portion Distortion, The Facts on Food Labels, and the new USDA food guidance system, MyPyramid; two posters; and two handouts.
  • Tobacco-Free Tool Kit
    The Tobacco-Free Tool Kit is a program guide to help educate your employees about the dangers of tobacco. It is designed to aid in establishing a tobacco-free work environment by assisting with policy development. Employees that quit tobacco can have an impact in reducing healthcare costs and preventing lost productivity.
  • Healthy Kids Tool Kit
    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama provides the Healthy Kids Tool Kit to use in conjunction with your current wellness program. The purpose of the tool kit is to provide health and wellness communication materials to employer groups to help you educate your employees about family health. The tool kit provides resources to help parents and their children live healthier lifestyles. It contains information for parents about children's health and family safety, and activities for parents and children to educate them about healthy living.