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Health and Dental Plans for 2-50 Employees

Eligibility Requirements

Group Eligibility
To be eligible for group coverage, an employer must:

  • Be licensed to operate and have employees located in the state of Alabama.

  • Have at least two eligible employees. An eligible employee is a permanent employee working on average a minimum of 30 hours a week as determined by the employer in accordance with the requirement of the Affordable Care Act (excluding independent contractors).

  • Tax form documentation is not required to verify group eligibility for companies with only two eligible employees; however, a valid Tax ID will still be required.

Minimum Health Requirements
Minimum participation and contribution requirements will be waived and therefore will not be applied to 2014 plans.

Minimum Dental Requirements
For dental coverage groups must have at least 25% (minimum of 2 employees) enrolled at all times.

The employer may contribute between 0% and 100% of the individual rate toward each employee's coverage.