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How do I enroll my employer group?

To enroll, you must submit your signed contracts, completed employee applications and first month's premium. Depending on your group size, we may also need IRS Form 941 (employer's quarterly tax form), Form A1 or Form A6. See Do I Qualify for additional enrollment information.

Do plans include dental benefits?

Health plans do not include dental benefits. However, Dental can be added to the Health Plan if it is added to at least 25% (minimum of 2 employees) of all contracts and elected at the time of enrollment. There is no annual Open Enrollment for dental.

How are late enrollments handled?

Employees who do not sign up at the time of initial enrollment must wait until your group's open enrollment period. They will have an 18-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions unless they have creditable coverage.

How soon can my coverage begin?

Once we receive your signed contracts, completed employee applications and first month's premium, it takes approximately 7-10 business days to add your group to our system.

What is mental health parity?

Employers with less than 50 total employees are not required to comply with the Mental Health Parity Act, but may do so if they choose. The Act requires employers who have 50 or more employees and offer mental health and/or substance abuse benefits to make sure limitations on those benefits are not more restrictive than limitations for medical/surgical services.

How do I pay my employer group's premium?

You may pay online or by check.

What is healthcare reform?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was signed on March 23, 2010. The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act was signed on March 30, 2010. These two laws are more commonly known as "healthcare reform." Healthcare reform changes how the private insurance market provides healthcare coverage for individuals, families and businesses. While some changes required by the law have already been made, many others will be phased in over time.

For more information about healthcare reform, visit our healthcare reform site.

Is there a minimum requirement for employee Health participation?

You must have the following participation in order to have an eligible group:

Number of Employees Required Participation Rate
2-3 100%
4-50 75%

Additionally, 75% of enrolled employees who have eligible dependents must enroll in family coverage unless their spouse is covered under a group health contract. Also, the employer must pay at least half of the single rate on behalf of employees.

To provide the most efficient coverage, groups with less than 50 employees are "pool rated." This means all groups in Alabama with 50 or fewer employees who have Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama coverage are "pooled" together. This allows for better rates since rates are based on a larger population.