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Health Plans for 2-14 Employees

Eligibility Requirements

Group Eligibility
To be eligible for group coverage, an employer must:

  • Be licensed to operate and have employees located in the state of Alabama.

  • Have at least two eligible employees. An eligible employee is a permanent employee working a minimum of 30 hours a week (excluding independent contractors). A husband and wife who meet these requirements do not make up a two-person group. See Documentation Requirements for a Two- or Three- Person Employer Group for more information.

Minimum Health Requirements
At least 75% of eligible employees (excluding those with other Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama coverage) must be enrolled at all times. Of employees eligible for family coverage, 75% must be enrolled in family coverage.

The employer must contribute at least 50% of the individual rate toward each employee's coverage.

Minimum Dental Requirements
At least 25% (minimum of 2) of eligible employees must be enrolled at all times.

The employer may contribute between 0% and 100% of the individual rate toward each employee's coverage.

Documentation Requirements for a Two- or Three-Person Employer Group
For companies with only two eligible employees, documentation is needed to verify group eligibility. A husband and wife do not constitute a two-person group.

One of the following is needed:

  1. A copy of Form A-1 or A-6 Alabama Department of Revenue Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld. Form A-1 is used quarterly and Form A-6 is used monthly. Line two on each form shows the number of employees who had Alabama tax withheld from their wages.

  2. For self-employed individuals, partnerships, or limited liability companies, a copy of Form A-1 or
    A-6 to report employee wages and Form 1040 schedule SE to report owner wages is needed. Normally partners or owners do not report their individual wages on Form A-1 or A-6. For a two or more person partnership, a copy of each partner's individual Form 1040 Schedule SE is needed.

Family Businesses
For two-person groups where a mother and father enroll on a family contract and a child above the dependent age enrolls on a second contract, proof of full-time employment for each contract holder is needed. Acceptable forms of documentation are the previous year's W2, 1040 SE, K-1 or K-6. We cannot enroll a two-person group that consists of a contract for a dependent-age child and a contract for the child's parents.

For a three-person group with separate contracts for a husband, wife, and another employee, proof of full-time employment is needed for all three contract holders.

Income Tax Exempt
In rare situations, an employee may be exempt from Alabama income tax. In this case, a copy of federal Form 941, Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return, should be provided.