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ProviderFacts Disclaimer

The following disclaimer is applicable to all telephone inquiries and automated communications systems (i.e., telephone, website and fax) to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama:

The information provided is only general benefit information and is not a guarantee of payment. Benefits are always subject to the terms and limitations of the plan and no employee of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has authority to enlarge or expand the terms of the plan. The availability of benefits is always conditioned upon the patient's coverage and the existence of a contract for plan benefits as of the date of service. A loss of coverage, as well as contract termination, can occur under certain circumstances. There will be no benefits available if such circumstances occur.

Blue Advantage Disclaimer

Blue Advantage® is a Medicare-approved PPO plan.

Members must continue to pay their Medicare Part B premium if not otherwise paid for under Medicaid or by another third party. All cost sharing is based on the level of Medicaid eligibility.