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Select Lab Network

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama's Select Lab Network offers the highest level of coverage for members who use laboratories within the network. The primary laboratory for this network is Quest Diagnostics, a leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services. Several specialty laboratories are also included.

Coverage will still be provided for limited in-office clinical laboratory services (Exhibit I) for these members. All other laboratory services for members with the Select Lab Network benefit must be referred to Quest Diagnostics unless they are medically necessary laboratory services unavailable through Quest. These medically necessary proprietary laboratory services must be rendered by another Select Lab Network provider. Laboratory services rendered through a Preferred Provider Lab (PPL) will be considered out-of-network for these members according to their contract benefits.

Locate Select Labs through Doctor Finder

You can locate laboratories within the Select Lab Network by utilizing Doctor Finder on our website, AlabamaBlue.com. Follow the instructions provided in "How to Locate a Select Lab." To find a drawing station near you, use the "Find a Location" tool on the Quest Diagnostics website.


Review our "Frequently Asked Questions/Answers" if you have questions about the Select Lab Network.

For more information about Quest Diagnostics lab testing solutions and services or to set up an account, contact your Quest Diagnostics Physician Representative or call 1-866-MY-QUEST (1-866-697-8378). If you currently use Quest Diagnostics for lab services, you may continue to use your existing Quest Diagnostics account and requisition forms. No other action is necessary.

Quest Diagnostics, Inc. is an independent company providing diagnostic testing, information and services to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama members.