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Primary Care Select Benefit


The cornerstone of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Primary Care Select benefit is the relationship developed between the patient and the primary care physician. Discounted copayments are available to members with this benefit, including:


Physicians currently participating in Blue Cross' Primary Care Value-Based Payment (PC-VBP) Program are recognized as Primary Care Select doctors with the "Select" icon within Doctor Finder on our website, AlabamaBlue.com. When Doctor Finder users hover over the icon, this explanation will appear:

Primary Care Select physicians are doctors who are certified as value-based providers in family practice, general practice, internal medicine, pediatrics or geriatrics. Value-based certification may include meeting criteria in quality and efficiency measures and obtaining recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in their clinician recognition programs dedicated to improving healthcare quality, and/or meeting drug utilization performance measures, and/or meeting process of care and patient satisfaction criteria.


Referrals must be made through ProviderAccess on this website. See "How to Submit, Review and Cancel Referrals." Retroactive referrals will not be accepted. If a member has designated a Primary Care Select physician, no referral is needed for the following specialist services:

A member must have a designated Primary Care Select physician to obtain these discounted copayments.

Covering Physicians

Primary Care Select physicians will be able to designate covering physicians to care for their patients in their absence.

A physician under a provider's Tax ID with a primary care specialty will automatically be considered by Blue Cross as one of the covering physicians. If additional covering physicians are needed, Primary Care Select providers will be able to update this information via ProviderAccess on this website. See "How to Designate Covering Physicians."

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers