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Adverse Events

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s Serious Adverse Event policy is an effort to improve the quality of care by reducing or eliminating the occurrence of never events and certain hospital acquired conditions. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s policy was developed based on the Alabama Hospital Association’s Guidance on Adverse Events, the National Quality Forum and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Helpful Resources

Web Portal Reporting Update

To enhance security on our web site, web portal passwords will now expire every 12 months, requiring a password change by the user. In addition to password changes every 12 months, users will be locked out if the password has not been used for 90 days. The user can regain access through their ProviderAccess administrator at the hospital or by contacting our EDI Services area at 205-220-6899 or ask-EDI@bcbsal.org.

External Resources

For additional information, contact your Provider Network Services Representative or email us at networkanalysis@bcbsal.org.