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Home Health Policies

Home Health claims for Blue Advantage members from Blue Advantage Participating providers should be filed to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. Providers should utilize their Blue Shield provider number and file HCFA 1500 format claims electronically with the members prefix and contract number as it appears on the identification card. Non-participating Blue Advantage Home Health providers should file claims for Blue Advantage members in the same manner and format used when filing to Medicare’s Regional Home Health Intermediary.

Blue Advantage participating Home Health providers must pre-certify nursing visits. The initial visit for assessment may be performed prior to the pre-certification if a Member is discharged on a weekend or holiday must be pre-certified within 24 hours following the end of the weekend or holiday. Precertifications may be faxed to 1 888-341-5030. Care Coordinators may be reached at 1 888-347-5030.

For additional information contact your Network Services Representative or e-mail us at prov@bcbsal.org.