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Blue Advantage® Provider Enrollment and Participation

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama offers eligible providers in Alabama an opportunity to participate with our Medicare Advantage PPO Network program. These network participants provide care to Medicare eligible beneficiaries and Blue Cross reimburses for covered services at the agreed upon payment rate.

What providers are eligible for participation?

If a provider is a Medicare eligible provider and does not currently participate with Medicare, can they become a Blue Advantage provider?
To participate with Blue Advantage, a provider must be a Medicare eligible provider and a participating provider in traditional Medicare.

Can a provider participate with Blue Advantage at one location and not at another?
Just like the traditional Medicare program, a provider who chooses to participate will be considered a participating provider at all their locations.

How does a provider apply for participation in Blue Advantage?
Blue Advantage participating providers must sign a participation agreement that applies to their specialty.

If you are an eligible provider and interested in participating in the Blue Advantage network, complete the Network Interest Application Form and fax it to 1-205-220-9545 or mail it to the address below:

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
Attention: Credentialing
Post Office Box 362142
Birmingham, Alabama 35236-2142

Be sure to check the Blue Advantage® – Medicare Advantage Program box.

Credentialing will review your application and notify you of the next steps. Once you become a Blue Advantage (PPO) provider, be sure your entire staff is aware of your participation.

Blue Advantage is a Medicare-approved PPO Plan.

Last Updated January 2014