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Information for Dentists

Essential resources for those who provide dental care to patients.

Dental ProviderFacts Articles

  • 2014 Preferred Dental Advisory Committee Nominations and Elections - Learn more » (Posted 1/14/2014)
To view additional articles, visit the Dental ProviderFacts page.

Manual and Online Courses



For additional information contact your Provider Network Services Representative or email us at prov@bcbsal.org.

Dental Provider Inquiry

PPO dentists: 1-800-373-4879
Non-PPO dentists: 1-205 985-5378
Fraud and Abuse: 1-800-824-4391
Out of state dentists: 1-888-783-5113

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is a way for you to send and receive information about your claims as well as eligibility and benefits information about your patients electronically versus by paper or telephone. It is a more timely and efficient way to perform the daily business functions of health care. Learn how EDI can work for you.