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Information for Dentists

Essential resources for those who provide dental care to patients.

Dental ProviderFacts Articles

To view additional articles, visit the Dental ProviderFacts page.

Manual and Online Courses



For additional information contact your Provider Network Services Representative.

Dental Provider Inquiry

PPO dentists: 1-800-373-4879
Non-PPO dentists: 1-205-985-5378
Fraud and Abuse: 1-800-824-4391
Out of state dentists: 1-888-783-5113

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is a way for you to send and receive information about your claims as well as eligibility and benefits information about your patients electronically versus by paper or telephone. It is a more timely and efficient way to perform the daily business functions of healthcare. Learn how EDI can work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Referrals to Other Providers

Preferred Dentists are expected to refer members to other Preferred Dentists or Preferred Providers unless it is in the member's best interest to receive services from another dentist or provider. Coverage is dependent upon the member's benefits.

2. Licensure Issues

Preferred Dentists must maintain good standing with all licences required by law and to comply with any requirements necessary to remain accredited.

3. Professional Courtesy and Collection of Copayments and Deductibles

Preferred Dentists may waive a particular copayment and deductible amounts for professional courtesy or because a member is perceived as unable to pay.

4. Treating Family Members

Professional courtesy does not apply when a provider is treating his/her own family members. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama does not provide benefits for the professional services of a provider rendered to a member who is related to the physician by blood or marriage or who lives in the provider’s household. Payments made in error on these claims are subject to refund recovery.