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Disease Management

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama's Chronic Condition Management Program is a resource designed to augment current practice plans and optimize care plans between office visits. An experienced group of nurses are available to help facilitate care plans and provide extra resources to your patients through a variety of means. We will provide information for your patients that has been collected through the Chronic Condition Management Program. Hopefully, this information will be useful in enhancing patient interactions.

Currently there are five specific disease management programs including Asthma, Congestive Heart Failure, Coronary Artery Disease, COPD and Diabetes. Asthma and diabetes are separated into children and adult programs. To refer a member to the program, please have your patient contact 1-888-841-5741 or email membermanagement@bcbsal.org.

We Need Your Feedback

We invite our participating physicians and other providers to submit feedback on these five disease management programs or any opinions or issues related specifically to disease management.