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Options for Accessing Electronic Data

There are two ways to access electronic data with Blue Cross:

Practice Management Software System

We work with a large number of state and national vendors to establish communications between their products and our secure network. We maintain a list of vendors that are approved to access our system and include the different functionality associated with their products. This list is called the Vendor Functionality Matrix (VFM). Links to the dental, institutional and professional VFM are provided below.

If you are new to electronic data interchange and looking for a practice management system, it is suggested that you refer to the appropriate VFM when beginning your search. We have also provided below a list of questions you may want to ask a prospective vendor.

If you currently have a practice management software system for your scheduling and billing, it may already have the ability to communicate with Blue Cross electronically. If the software vendor or system you use is not listed on the VFM, we would be happy to talk with them about becoming an approved vendor. Please ask the vendor to call 205-220-6899 or email Ask-EDI@bcbsal.org to discuss the process.


Our website also offers electronic access for claims, remittances, eligibility and benefits information, etc. These resources, including eClaims for electronic claim submission, are maintained under the section of our website called ProviderAccess. Please note these applications are stand-alone products and do not communicate or integrate with other practice management software systems.

For additional information about getting started with electronic data interchange, view our brief online tutorial.