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ICD-10 Code MappingOn July 31, 2014, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) formally set October 1, 2015 as the compliance date for ICD-10 implementation. In light of this offical compliance date, we will modify our implementation plans and keep you informed of new details and resources through our website. We are committed to continuing our work to provide the support you need for ICD-10 and to ensure that our systems, business processes, policies and procedures meet implementation standards.

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Front-End Testing – Allows you to validate that the ICD-10 codes Blue Cross receives on the test claim matches the codes submitted from your practice management software system. You can send mock ICD-10 claims separately or in your normal claims submission process with other production claims.

End-to-End Testing – Provides details on how claims are expected to process after October 1, 2015, when submitting ICD-10 codes. This type of testing does require ICD-10 test claims to be submitted separately from regular production claims. These claims must be for valid Blue Cross patients using typical/valid procedure codes. The processing results and payment information will be returned through an electronic remittance that can be retrieved through your practice management software system or clearinghouse.

Read our “ICD-10 Testing Instructions” for more information

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