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Canes, Crutches and Walkers

Canes and Crutches
Canes and crutches are covered for persons requiring assistance with ambulation.

Crutch Substitute
Crutch substitute, lower leg platform, with or without wheels is covered for non-weight bearing patients as rent only for up to 4 months. Rental beyond 4 months is only considered on appeal.

Standard Walkers
Benefits are provided for standard walkers if the following coverage criteria are met:

Heavy-Duty, Multiple Breaking System, Variable Wheel Resistance Walker (Safety Rollers)
Following are the coverage criteria for heavy-duty, multiple breaking system, variable wheel resistance walkers (safety rollers):

If coverage criteria are not met and stated on the prescription, but both of the coverage criteria for the standard walker are met, payment is based on the allowance for the least costly alternative.

Last Updated July 2010