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Monitoring Equipment

Home Blood Glucose Monitor
A glucometer is covered for patients who are diabetic and who can better control their blood glucose levels by checking these levels and appropriately contacting their attending physician for advice and treatment.

Blood Glucose Monitor with Special Features
Benefits are provided for blood glucose monitors with special features (i.e., voice synthesizers, automatic timers, etc.) for patients who have severe visual impairment (corrected vision of 20/200 or worse). A special feature glucometer is covered when the patient meets the same requirements as a regular glucometer and the patient’s physician certifies that the patient has a visual impairment severe enough to require use of this special monitoring system.

Apnea Monitor/Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Monitor
Click here to view the medical policy for Apnea Monitor/Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Monitor.

Pacemaker Monitor, Self-Contained
The self-contained pacemaker monitor is included in the hospital global fee.

External Defibrillator with Integrated Electrocardiogram Analysis
Following are the coverage criteria for the external defibrillator with integrated electrocardiogram analysis:

Click here to view the medical policy for Cardioverter Defibrillators: Implantable, Wearable or External.

Volume Ventilator, Stationary or Portable
Benefits are provided for the stationary or portable volume ventilator for treatment of neuromuscular diseases, thoracic restrictive diseases, and chronic respiratory failure consequent to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Included are positive and negative pressure types.

Last Updated July 2010