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Patient Lifts/Seat Life Mechanisms

Seat Lift Mechanism
Coverage criteria for seat lift mechanisms (e.g., sling or seat patient lift, canvas or nylon; hydraulic patient lift, with seat or sling; electric patient lift, with seat or sling) are covered for the following patient conditions:

Coverage is limited to the following type of seat lift mechanisms:

Coverage is limited for seat lift mechanisms, even if incorporated into a chair.

The physician ordering a seat lift mechanism must be the attending or consulting physician for the disease requiring a seat lift. The patient’s medical record must document all appropriate therapeutic modalities (e.g., medication, physical therapy) that have been tried and failed to enable the patient to transfer from a chair to standing position.

Coverage is excluded for seat lift mechanisms that operate by spring-release mechanism with sudden, catapult-like motion and jolts the patient from a seated to a standing position.

Note: The fact that a patient has difficulty or is incapable of getting up from a chair, particularly a low chair, is not sufficient justification for a seat lift mechanism. Most patients who are capable of ambulating can get out of an ordinary chair if the seat height is appropriate and the chair has arms.

Sling or Seat Patient Lift, Canvas or Nylon
The sling or seat patient lift, canvas or nylon coverage criteria are as follows:

Hydraulic Patient Lift, with Seat or Sling
Hydraulic patient lifts with seat or sling may be covered if the patient is bed confined and transfer between bed and chair, wheelchair or commode requires the assistance of more than one person and without the use of a lift, the patient is bed confined.

Electric Patient Lift, with Seat or Sling
If coverage criteria for patient lifts are met, payment for electric patient lifts with seat or sling are based on the least costly alternative (hydraulic lift).

Last Updated July 2010