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Covering Physicians Required

To ensure Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Primary Care Network (PCN) patients have optimum readily-available access to comprehensive healthcare services, Primary Care Physicians (PCP) are required to have covering physicians.

As a PCP, you should designate a Preferred Medical Doctor (PMD) as the covering physician. As stated in Section III (1) of the Primary Care Network Physician Agreement, “covering physicians must hold current status as a PMD.” You must have a covering PMD physician on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An answering machine referring the patient to the emergency room will not suffice. 

On a monthly basis, Blue Cross will provide you with a list summarizing those whom you have designated as your covering physicians. Covering physicians will not be assigned for you. Remember, you must select a PMD physician as your covering physician. You are not required, however, to select another PCP as your covering physician.

It is important for individuals who are part of a PCN to feel secure in knowing they have the availability of obtaining needed medical care around the clock. By fulfilling the above guidelines, you will give these patients the security of knowing they have access to medical care anytime.

We appreciate your support in providing the best care for your PCN patients. Please call 1-866-904-4130, option 6, if you have any questions.