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EDI Services

EDI Services provides support related to electronic connections to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. Eligibility and benefits, claim filing, audit report and remittance retrieval, claim status, and payment history data are all available electronically through practice management software or our website, www.bcbsal.com.  Many practice management software vendors offer products that allow you to submit electronic claims and access claims audit reports, remittances and patient eligibility and benefits electronically. Please refer to the EDI Services page on our website for more information, including a Vendor Functionality Matrix that lists the functionality offered by different vendor products.

A second option for submitting electronic claims is an Internet application called eClaims available through ProviderAccess on our website. This application allows for direct entry of claims and the retrieval of electronic audit reports and remittances. Other information, including claim status, patient eligibility and benefits, and payment history, is also available through ProviderAccess. There is no charge by Blue Cross to transmit claims or retrieve other information through our website. However, a user ID and password are required to gain access to the Internet applications. If you do not have a ProviderAccess ID and password, please click here to register now.

Electronic claims are processed faster and more accurately than those received by mail. Every electronic claim is screened and an electronic audit report is generated. The audit report provides proof of receipt and the ability to track your claims. The audit report will also let you know which submitted claims were accepted for processing and which were rejected and why.

For more information or for assistance with issues regarding electronic functions such as claims transmissions, audit reports, remittances, and eligibility and benefits, please call EDI Services at 205-220-6899 or e-mail ask-edi@bcbsal.org.

E-mail Notification Service
We believe the Internet and our e-mail notification system are the best tools to keep our providers informed of accurate and pertinent information. To add or update an e-mail address for the EDI Services e-mail notification service, e-mail edinotify@bcbsal.org.

Last Updated March 2010