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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Medical Policies

Blue Cross Medical Policies

Blue Cross maintains a list of draft and final medical policies on our web site, www.bcbsal.com. Following are steps to view medical policies on the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama web site:

On the Medical Policies page, you will find links to view our final medical policies as well as draft medical policies currently available for comment.

Draft Medical Policies Made Available for Comment

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has always recognized the value of input from specialists in the process of developing medical policy. In an effort to enhance this process, Blue Cross has developed a page on our web site to publish draft medical policies. The new interactive exchange enables you to review and comment on draft medical policies during the developmental phase.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama utilizes a well defined review process when developing medical policy. All of the following criteria are reviewed to determine coverage:

In addition, specialty society recommendations and other technological assessments are reviewed. The literature should be peer-reviewed and have sufficient data to conclude the long-term benefit to the patient’s health outcome and to allow for valid statistical analysis.

Draft policies are posted on the Blue Cross web page for a 45-day comment period. Comments can be sent via e-mail, fax or mail. By utilizing the diversity of the medical community, we can encourage the highest standard of healthcare for our customers and your patients. Claims are processed based on the draft policy recommended during the 45-day comment period. Polices will be posted as final when all the reviews have been completed.

To receive e-mail notification when a new medical policy has been posted to our web site or a draft policy is available for comment, please complete the Provider E-mail Update form.

Last Updated March 2010