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Preferred Medical Doctor

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama’s Preferred Medical Doctor (PMD) Program is a statewide Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). PMD physicians sign an agreement with Blue Cross to provide quality healthcare in the least costly manner. Members with PMD benefits receive the highest level of coverage when services are provided by a physician participating in the PMD Program. Members who receive services from a non-PMD physician are subject to out-of-network contract benefits.

PMD physicians receive payment based on the PMD fee schedule for covered services. The PMD fee schedule indicates a maximum allowance for each procedure code. PMD physicians agree to accept, as payment in full, the lower of the submitted charge or the PMD allowance on covered services. Members are responsible for any copayment and deductible amounts.

Following are some of the contractual guidelines PMD physicians have agreed to when providing services to a member with PMD benefits:

Advantages of Participation in the PMD Program

PMD Physicians:

PMD Members: