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Provider Assistance

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama providers have several options available for accessing member eligibility and benefits, claim status and remittances. Providers can access this information through their electronic Practice Management (e-PM) software, ProviderAccess found on our website, www.bcbsal.com, and the Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Providers are encouraged to take advantage of our toll-free provider customer service line. When calling the toll-free provider customer service line, be prepared to let the representative know what information you have already accessed. For example, if after checking claim status through ProviderAccess you need additional assistance with a denied claim, provide the date of service, the remittance date and the claim rejection code/definition. If you contact Customer Service before researching the claim, you will be asked to access one of the resources given above.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama no longer mails ProviderFacts and Special Bulletin publications. These publications as well as other provider news and updates are now made available on our website, www.bcbsal.com. An e-mail notification is sent to alert providers when new articles and important updates are posted on our website. Please be sure we have a current e-mail address on file for your practice. To add or update an e-mail address for provider notifications, please complete the Provider E-mail Update Form.

The “Provider Resources” section on our website provides access to many useful forms as well as links to our provider publications and manuals.

General Helpful Information

Last Updated June 2010