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Provider News and Updates

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama believes it is important to communicate pertinent information and important updates to providers in a timely manner. The Internet and our e-mail notification system are the best tools to make that happen.

In June 2009, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama discontinued mailing ProviderFacts and Special Bulletins. These publications as well as other provider news and updates are now made available on our web site, www.bcbsal.com.  

ProviderFacts articles are now typically published weekly and contain information pertaining to claims filing, member coverage and provider network news. Please take the time to read through these publications for information that may pertain to your practice. An e-mail notification is sent to alert providers when new articles are posted on our web site.

It is very important for us to maintain accurate e-mail addresses to ensure that our providers receive these notifications. Please click here to add or update an e-mail address for provider communications.

Following are instructions on how to locate these publications on our web site and how to use the “Search” feature:

You can then click on the publication you need or you can search our publications for a particular topic.

If you choose “Search”:

You should receive a list of publication issues that contain your topic. Click on the issue that interests you. For large publications, you may want to use the “Edit” and “Find” function provided by your browser to quickly locate the topic within the publication.

Last Updated March 2010