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Refund Requests and Overpayments

Refund Requests
When Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama discovers an error in payment, a refund request is made to recoup the overpayment from the provider. Providers should promptly refund these amounts. Refund amounts can be paid in full or settled through the provider’s future remittance payments.  

A Refund Billing Invoice is available for most refund requests. Typically, Blue Cross sends up to two notices within a 45-day period to the provider. If we do not hear from the provider within the 45-day period, automatic deductions from the provider’s future remittance payments begin.

If there is a dispute regarding the refund request, contact Blue Cross during the 45-day period to avoid automatic deductions from your remittance. Here are ways to dispute a refund request:

If you discover an error in payment, please complete the Voluntary Overpayment Return Form and attach it to your check. Checks should be made payable to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. For overpayment made on a specific claim, be sure to provide the patient’s name, contract number and the date of service.

Payment can also be made by scheduling the claim(s) to automatically deduct from future remittances via ProviderAccess. You can mark an entire invoice or individual claims to deduct.

For more information on refund requests and overpayments, access the Refund Online Manual.

Last Updated May 2015