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Physician Performance Assessment (PPA)


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is committed to identifying innovative solutions that improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare. The Physician Performance Assessment (PPA), a report similar to the Preferred Medical Doctor (PMD) Profile, is a Web-based application that provides analytics on your clinical effectiveness (quality) and cost-efficiency.

The PPA will be released to physician specialty groups in phases (see details below). An email will be sent to you when the PPA is available for your specialty. If you are not currently enrolled in our email notification service, complete our online form.  

The PPA clinical effectiveness evaluation is based on nationally adopted National Quality Forum measures. The cost-efficiency evaluation is based on a nationally recognized risk-adjusted episode grouping methodology. The application includes summary and detailed reports to assess performance of both peer group and individual physicians.

The PPA tool provides:

Ten provider specialties will be supported within the PPA. The PPA of each specialty will be released in a phased approach.


Provider Speciality

Phase I

Adult Primary Care (Family Practice, General Medicine, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine) and Pediatrics
Phase II
Cardiology and Obstetrics/Gynecology
Phase III Endocrinology, Pulmonology, and Allergy and Immunology
Phase IV Additional specialties for future releases

Login Instructions:

  1. Sign in to ProviderAccess.
  2. Select "Provider Functions."
  3. Under "Provider Profile Information and Reporting" select "Physician Performance Assessment (PPA)."

PPA Resources: