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Preferred Radiology Program

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama's Preferred Radiology Program (PRP) supports referring physicians in their decision-making process, promotes patient safety by avoiding duplication of diagnostic services, maximizes customer benefits by providing the most current clinical and technical recommendations to radiology providers, and minimizes patient out-of-pocket costs by directing patients to a diagnostic facility participating in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama network.

The program began April 1, 2006 and includes the following program components:

Additional Information:

Precertification Available Online:

Check eligibility and benefits electronically through your practice management vendor’s software or ProviderAccess to determine if precertification is required for a member for any of the following procedures:

PRP information will be returned only if precertification is required.

Click on "Initiate Online Percertification" to reqest precertification. Precertification status (approved, not approved, under review) can also be verified via Eligibility and Benefits through ProviderAccess. Precertification status lookup is available to the referring physician as well as the rendering diagnostic imaging provider. Click on "Check Precertification Status."

For questions regarding the Radiology Management Program or your obligations related to the precertification process, contact your Provider Network Services Representative.