The provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are scheduled for implementation over several years. Although many changes have already been implemented, major changes are not scheduled to take effect until 2014. Select a year to see the scheduled provisions and changes to be implemented. 



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  • Reporting Health Coverage Costs on Form W-2
  • Cafeteria Plan Changes
  • Non-Prescription Drugs Not Eligible for Nontaxable Reimbursement
  • Tax for Withdrawals from HSAs and Archer Medical Savings Account Funds for Non-Qualified Medical Expenses
  • Medical Loss Ratio Reporting by Insurers

Changes to Medicare Advantage Plans


  • Limits to Cost Sharing for Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Policy Change
  • Donut Hole and Generic Drugs
  • Protected Drug Classes
  • Funding to Medicare Advantage Plans Set at 2010 Levels
  • Denial of Medicare Advantage Bids for Increase in Cost Sharing or Decrease in Benefits