The provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are scheduled for implementation over several years. Although many changes have already been implemented, major changes are not scheduled to take effect until 2014. Select a year to see the scheduled provisions and changes to be implemented. 



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  • Insurer Fee
  • Individual Mandate
    • Employer Provisions
    • Employer Reporting Requirements
    • Employer Mandate
    • Free Choice Vouchers
  • Insurance Reforms
    • Guaranteed Issue
    • Guaranteed Renewal
    • Modified Community Rating
    • No Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions
    • No Annual Limits on the Dollar Value of Essential Benefits
    • No Eligibility Waiting Periods of More Than 90 Days for Group Coverage
    • Coverage of Essential Benefits Package in Individual and Small Group Markets
    • Uniform Application of Rating Rules
    • Individual Market Reinsurance Program
    • Risk Adjustment for Individual and Small Group Markets
    • Risk Corridors for Individual and Small Group Markets
  • Consumer Protections/PBOR
    • Provider Nondiscrimination
    • Coverage of Routine Costs for Clinical Trial Participants
  • Health Insurance Exchange
    • States Must Establish Exchanges
    • Requirements for Qualified Health Plans
    • Coverage of Essential Benefits Package
    • Offering of Multi-State Plans Through Exchange
    • Other Coverage Requirements Inside the Exchange
    • Coverage Requirements Outside the Exchange
  • Offering of Exchange-Participating QHBPs
    Through Cafeteria Plans
  • State Basic Health Plan Option
  • Individual Subsidies
    • Premium Credits
    • Cost-Sharing Subsidies
  • Small Group Subsidies
  • Medicaid
    • Expansion to 133% FPL
    • Requires Medicaid Benchmark Benefits to Consist at Least of Minimum Essential Coverage
    • Requires States to Provide Premium Assistance to any Medicaid Beneficiary with Access to Employer-Sponsored Insurance if Cost-Effective for the State
  • CHIP
  • Medicare Advantage
    • Requires Coding Intensity Adjustment to be No Less Than 2010 Plus 1.3%
    • Requires 85% Minimum Medical Loss Ratio
  • Employer-Sponsored Wellness Program Discounts and HHS Reports
  • Wellness Demonstration
  • Pilot Testing of Pay-for-Performance in Medicare
  • GAO Study on Health Insurance Competition and Market Concentration

Affordable Care Act

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