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Your Body: Doctor Claims Distracted Walking Is Unsafe and Under-Reported
Source: ABC News Radio

(BUFFALO, N.Y.) -- Congratulations! You can walk and text at the same time. And therein lies the problem, according to Dr. Dietrich Jehle, who teaches emergency medicine at the University of Buffalo.

Jehle says of the accidents that send pedestrians to emergency rooms each year, one in ten are related to people falling, bumping into things or walking into traffic because they were preoccupied with texting.

As a result, Jehle maintains that distracted walking causes more injuries per mile than the much more publicized distracted driving.

What’s more, he also believes that the incidence of distracted walking mishaps is probably greater than what’s been reported, due to people being too embarrassed to admit how they wound up getting hurt.

Figuring out who’s more apt to wind up in the ER isn’t all that difficult: it’s people under 30 and especially those between 16 and 25 who do the most texting.

Since proposed laws banning distracted walking are impractical, Jehle says possible solutions include a mobile app that either alert texters of an oncoming obstacle via voice command or by camera display.

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