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Fitness: Fitness with Fido
Source: Working Mother

Chances are, two little members of your family need some more get-up-and-go: your kid and your canine. Beyond the usual dog walk, these ideas from Daniela Callocchia, brand manager for Rolf C. Hagen pet supplies and mom of three, will add more get-fit time for both of them.

Parks and Recreation
Head to the nearest park and crank up the moves. Encourage your kiddo to engage in dog-friendly games like tug-of-war, fetch the bone and even parcours training. Remember to bring bones, balls and tugging ropes. For pets that don’t know how to fetch, your kid can use a flying disc, like the Dogit Flying Disc Dog Toy from Hagen, which plays a whirling sound, to attract your pet. It’s all fun for both pets and kids, and it all works up a sweat.

Home Hustle
When a rainy day puts a damper on outdoor exercise, promote indoor moves. Have your kid hold a pet toy while doing crunches or squats—your dog will follow along as he reacts to the moving toy. Older kids can use small dogs as weights for fun puppy-piggyback push-ups. Got a long, empty hallway? Think hall races.

Class Action
The benefits of organized exercise are well known, and they extend to pets and their pals. To find a regular routine for your older kid, look into fitness classes for pets and their owners—everything from boot camps to dog-and-owner yoga. These are offered by local pet hospitals, gyms, parks programs and more.

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Working Mother

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