Member Services

 Member Services
Pregnant mother holding belly
Baby Yourself
A Maternity Program that offers expectant mothers guidance and support during pregnancy.
woman working out shoulders at gym
Healthy Rewards
ADT's Healthy Rewards program encourages you to be healthy while earning payroll credits.
female doctor hugging young male child
Health Advocate
Personalized support services on everything from addressing healthcare and insurance-related issues to providing one-on-one support.
Middle age female nurse hugging elder female in wheelchair
Member Management
A support system to help manage any chronic conditions, long-term illnesses or extensive injuries.
Middle age female nurse holding a clipboard
Nutritional Counseling
A program you can seek the assistance of experienced nutritional clinicians to better understand how food affects your health and well-being.
Young male and female couple portrait shot
Employee Assistance Program
Your Employee Assistance & Work/Life Program benefits will give you and your dependents confidential support, resources and information for personal and work-life issues.
Middle age female lifting arm weights
ADT Wellness Program
ADT is focused on developing a culture of health and providing a comprehensive well-being program. The program includes coaching, activity tracking, screenings, assessments, and challenges.