Mobile Support

Mobile Support

Multiple Account Management Options

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama offers a variety of options for accessing support or managing your account.

  • Call Customer Service
  • Email Customer Service
  • myBlueCross (PC version)
  • myBlueCross (mobile web site)
  • AlabamaBlue (mobile native application)

If you encounter trouble using the AlabamaBlue native application, please try one of the alternative support channels in the above list.

Mobile Troubleshooting

AlabamaBlue App Download

If you have successfully downloaded and installed the AlabamaBlue application from the store, then you should see an AlabamaBlue application tile on your device. If you do not see the AlabamaBlue app tile, then try to install the application again from the appropriate store for your device.

AlabamaBlue App On Your Device

After clicking the AlabamaBlue app tile on your device, the application should open to a page with various images (myBlueCross, Find a Doctor, Claims). If you do not see this page, then you may need to install the app again.

Internet or WiFi Connection

You need to be connected to the internet or WiFi to access features in the AlabamaBlue application. If you do not see a myBlueCross login box when you click myBlueCross, then you may not have connection.

To further verify your connection, open a web browser (or Safari) and type in If you do not see the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama home page, then your device may not have connection.

Save Doctor to Contact List (AlabamaBlue application only)

Once you save a doctor to your contact list (from Find a Doctor), the contact record will be saved to your device's unfiltered (or not grouped) list of people. If you are having trouble finding the saved contact record, make sure that the All Contacts display option is checked. For more details, please refer to the user guide for your device.

Other Solutions (AlabamaBlue application only)

If the AlabamaBlue application isn't working, isn't loading, looks strange, or is misbehaving, then you may need to try the below actions:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to apps
  3. Click AlabamaBlue application in app list
    • Click Clear Cache button, or
    • Click Force Stop button, or
    • Click Uninstall button. Once uninstalled, download and install the AlabamaBlue application again on your device.

Unfortunately, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is not able to troubleshoot all types of mobile devices due to various device types, operating systems, or settings. Therefore, you may need to do the following:

  • Contact an Apple Genius
  • Contact your Droid Support
  • Search the internet (via Google or Bing) for a solution