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Care Management

Care Management is a voluntary program that is part of your health benefit at no additional charge. Once enrolled, you are assigned an experienced team which includes a nurse, social worker, pharmacist and medical director.

Social Workers are available to assist with needs such as access to healthy food, obtaining durable medical equipment, transportation to and from doctor appointments and financial concerns.

Your care management team can connect you to valuable pharmacy services that are included in your benefits in efforts to ensure you are able to take your needed medications regularly to maintain your overall health.

Your care management team will…

  • Provide important health information about your medical condition and create a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Ensure understanding of your medication and treatment plan.
  • Provide emotional support for you and your family.
  • Coordinate the most appropriate plan of care based on your medical needs, the level of skilled care necessary and your available benefits.
  • Direct you to community resources that can help.
  • Discuss your individual needs and coordinate care with your physician or other healthcare professionals.
  • Discuss preventive and condition-specific care and services needed to improve and sustain healthy outcomes.

If you need help, the Care Management team is here for you.
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Information provided is not intended to replace medical advice from healthcare professionals.