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Register for myBlueCross

Go online at to register for myBlueCross.

With myBlueCross, 24-hour access to your account and personalized health information is easy and convenient. Plus, there are easy-to-use online tools that allow you to:

  • See your plan benefits
  • View claim statements
  • Get fitness, nutrition and wellness tips
Download our mobile Apps

Download our FREE Mobile Apps

With our easy-to-use mobile apps (for your smartphone or tablet), it's like having a personal healthcare representative at your fingertips!

Whether you're seeing a new specialist and forget your ID card, driving to a new pharmacy and need directions or trying to determine if it's the flu or just a bad cold, help is just a click away!

Find a Preferred Pharmacy

Find a Preferred Pharmacy

Get a lower copay on any of your drugs by using a Preferred Pharmacy and pay the copay for a 60-day supply when you get a 90-day supply of routine medications!

  • To find Preferred Pharmacies in your area, go to:
  • Enter your zip code
  • View a list of Preferred Pharmacies in your area
Look to see if your drug are covered

Look up covered Prescription Drugs

It's easy to see if your current medications are covered- over 23,000 are!

Your plan has a list of covered medications (called a forumlary) that includes generic, brand-name and specialty drugs. Each drug is assigned to one of six cost-sharing Tiers which determines the amount you pay. The list is updated monthly for your convenience and is avaliable online.

Click below to find your medications and assigned cost-sharing tiers.

Look to see if your drug are covered

SilverSneakers┬« by Tivity Health

A fun and innovative health, exercise, and wellness program designed specifically for Medicare-eligible adults, SilverSneakers® can help you get fit while making new friends and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.*

Enroll in our rewards program today

Enroll in the Blue Advantage Rewards & Wellness Program

All Blue Advantage members are eligible to enroll in the Blue Advantage Rewards & Wellness Program, our health and wellness program with incentives for staying healthy. All rewards you earn will be mailed to you in the form of a prepaid gift card. Maximize your Blue Advantage membership by enrolling in Blue Advantage Rewards & Wellness today!

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* The SilverSneakers┬« fitness program is provided by Tivity Health, Inc., an independent company. 

Blue Advantage (PPO) is a Medicare-approved PPO plan. Enrollment in Blue Advantage (PPO) depends on CMS contract renewal.