Healthier Heart and a Happier You

Keep your heart and blood pressure healthy, so you can live life to its fullest!

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High Blood Pressure


  • High blood pressure, or Hypertenstion, affects nearly 50% of U.S. adults
  • It is known as the “Silent Killer” because it does not have obvious symptoms and most people don’t know they have it
  • If left untreated, high blood pressure can increase your risk for other life threatening health problems, including kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke
  • High blood pressure is manageable with the help of your Healthcare Provider

Tips to Get into the Rhythm of Heart Health

Move Your Body

Exercising for 20 minutes a day can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke

Know Your Numbers

Monitoring your blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol and blood sugar can help keep your heart strong

Practice a Low Sodium Diet

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and live a longer, healthier life by reducing your daily salt intake.

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Regular checkups are recommended to keep your heart healthy. For help finding the perfect healthcare provider, call 1-888-759-2764 or visit


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