how to read your claims statements

A Claims Statement is generated every time you or a covered family member uses your health insurance plan. It provides an at-a-glance record of each occurrence, detailing how much was charged, how much your plan paid and how much you may owe.

  1. The date the Claims Statement is generated appears here.
  2. The name of the person who received services appears here. The claim number is unique to this occurrence.
  3. The date services were received and name of the provider appears here.
  4. This provides a summary of charges and payments for this occurrence.
  5. This provides detailed charges and payments for this occurrence.
  6. The charges the provider sent us.
  7. The portion of the charges we allowed.
  8. The portion of the charges we paid that were allowable.
  9. The amount remaining you may owe the provider.
  10. If further explanation is required, it is denoted here.

Even if you choose to receive mailed copies of Claims Statements, you may still view them online. Log into your myBlueCross account. Click on "Claims Statements" under Manage My Contract. You have 24/7 access to two years of claims history.

Go Paperless

When you register for myBlueCross, you will automatically receive your Claims Statements electronically. You will receive emails when new ones are available to view online. You can always choose to receive mailed copies by logging into myBlueCross, clicking on “Edit Profile” and then “Change Claims Statements Preference.”