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Activities: 5 Container Gardening Ideas for Kids
Source: Working Mother

Strawberry Planter

You'll soon be scarfing strawberries your kids have grown themselves—in nifty hanging planters made from recycled tin cans. Follow Tracey’s tutorial at Wemadethat.

Working Mother

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Drink Pouch Seed Starter

Get your child's creative juices flowing with this nifty drink pouch idea. Journey over to Mommytesters

, where Jillian shows how to turn an empty juice pouch into a container for growing tasty beans.

Working Mother

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Eggshell Seed Planter

This recycled egg carton idea arrives just in time for Easter. Leave the eggshells undecorated, or let the kids go crazy painting them before planting with broccoli seeds. See how it's done by Tim and Mary over at 17apart


Working Mother

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Welly Boot Planter

Don’t throw out those old rain boots your kids have outgrown—plant them! Helen at Peaklepie

offers a cute container gardening idea that uses galoshes and some daffodil bulbs.

Working Mother

Photo by: Working Mother Editor

Upcycled Soda Bottle Planter

Plastic soda bottles offer a clear view of how plants grow, from roots to sprout. At CoffeeCupsandcrayons, Megan shows a planter her daughter made from a sawed-off bottle and a wheat grass plant. Bloomin' Beautiful: Best Kid-Friendly Picks for Plant a Flower Day Egg-stravaganza! Bunny Puppets


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