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In addition to the other great features of your plan, when you enroll in the Blue Advantage Rewards & Wellness Program, you can earn gift cards for completing certain preventive screenings and other healthy activities in 2024!

Earn up to $140 in gift cards when you complete healthy activities like getting your annual wellness visit or needed preventive screenings, managing your diabetes or getting your annual flu shot. Find the full list of 2024 rewards here and talk to your doctor about which screenings you are due for this year that may earn you rewards.


After enrolling, you will also get access to online wellness resources including:

  • A health assessment that recommends healthy habits to improve your health.
  • Videos and articles on topics like nutrition and health conditions.
  • Self-guided programs that help you set goals and create healthy habits.


How to Enroll

First, log in or register for your myBlueCross account. If you need to create an account, click the “Register Now for myBlueCross” button below. Have your ID card handy or call Customer Service at 855-893-3311 for assistance with the registration process.

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Once you are logged into your myBlueCross account, click on Blue Advantage Rewards & Wellness on the right side of the page. Follow the prompts on the screen to enroll.

After enrolling, you can continue to access Blue Advantage Rewards & Wellness through myBlueCross to view rewards you are eligible for and rewards you have earned.

Maximize your Blue Advantage membership by enrolling in the Blue Advantage Rewards & Wellness program today!


If you do not have internet access or prefer to enroll in Blue Advantage Rewards by phone, please call 1-877-634-2583.