In addition to the other great features of your plan, when you enroll in Blue Advantage Rewards, you can earn gift cards for completing certain activities and preventive screenings in 2021!
First, log in or register for your myBlueCross. By using myBlueCross you can:
  • Find nearby pharmacies
  • View your virtual ID card
  • Access your claim statements
  • Access health and wellness resources
  • And much more – all for free!
If you need to create an account, click the “Register Now for myBlueCross” button below. Have your ID card handy or call Customer Service at 855-893-3311 for assistance with the registration process.
Already registered for myBlueCross?
Once you are logged into your myBlueCross account, click on Blue Advantage Rewards on the right hand side of the page. Enroll in Blue Advantage Rewards by following the prompts on the screen.
After enrolling, you can continue to access your Blue Advantage Rewards through myBlueCross.
Maximize your Blue Advantage membership by enrolling in Blue Advantage Rewards today!



If you do not have internet access or prefer to enroll in Blue Advantage Rewards by phone, please call 1-877-634-2583.