Here are a few reasons 3 million customers choose us:


We offer some of the most cost-effective health insurance premiums in the country and provide the broadest choice of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. Among the 50 states, Alabama has the second lowest family premiums in the country among employers. (2011 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey)

  • We are an industry leader in low administrative costs which allows more dollars to go toward patients' medical treatments. In 2012, over 92 percent of all revenue went toward treating patients.

  • During the last five years, we have averaged a net income of less than a penny for each dollar received from our customers.

  • Although we compete with 12 other companies that sell individual, family and group plans, and over 32 companies that sell Medicare plans, over 2.1 million customers in Alabama still choose us. Outside of Alabama, we cover an additional 870,000 customers.

  • We are honored to be chosen by over 90 percent of Federal employees residing in Alabama, who are given a choice of 29 health and dental coverage options, administered by 13 different insurers.

  • We are the only Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan to have won 17 Brand Excellence Awards from the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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