Help - Contract Changes FAQ Content

Need to make changes to your individual plan purchased on or off the Marketplace? Read our FAQs below to learn how.

Can I call Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama to add dependents to my contract?

If you are currently a Blue Cross member and need to add a dependent to your plan, please call the Customer Service number located on the back of your ID card. If you purchased a plan through the health insurance marketplace, please visit or call 1-800-318-2596.

Please note: The effective date of coverage will be the date of the event.

For Example:

Coverage effective dates for marriage will be the 1st of the month after plan selection. For birth, adoption, foster care placement or court order will be retroactive back to the date of the event.

Will I get a new ID card?

You will receive a new ID card only if you are going from a single contract to a family contract. For example, if you and your spouse are on the same contract and you add a new dependent, you will not receive a new ID card. If you are on a single contract and add a dependent, you will receive a new ID card.

Will my premium be affected if I add a dependent?

After the application to add a dependent has been processed you will receive a new billing statement which reflects your new premium. Your new premium will be due upon receipt of the updated billing statement.

What other changes can Blue Cross make to a contract?

If you purchased your plan directly through us, you may call us or log on to your myBlueCross account to make any of the changes listed below. If you purchased your plan through the Marketplace, you must contact the Marketplace to make any changes.

  • Correct the spelling of a name (a new ID card will be sent if the subscriber's name has changed).
  • Update your email address.
  • Change your phone number.
  • Make spelling corrections to the street or city name in your address.
  • Change your address (only if the new address is in the same zip code and county as the previous address). If the new address is in a different zip code or county we cannot make the change; you must contact the Marketplace.

How do I find my benefits?

You may review your Benefit Booklet and your Summary of Benefits and Coverage by logging in above. If you have not registered for a myBlueCross account, you may do so by visiting