Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

HRAs provide employees with a specified amount of money set up in an account to help cover the cost of medical care. Your employer funds this account and you are reimbursed as qualified medical expenses occur.

When a medical claim applies to your deductible or an out-of-pocket expense, the HRA account funds become available to assist in paying your patient liability. Once the HRA funds are depleted, any remaining patient liability becomes the member's responsibility. If there are funds remaining in your HRA at the end of the year, some or all of the funds may be rolled-over and accessed in future years as long as you remain with your employer.

Note:Account-Based Plans are not available with all Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama plans. Contact your employer to see if these programs are offered as a part of your benefit plan.


For more information on HRAs administered by HealthEquity please visit HealthEquity HRA.